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“Organic textures of nature meet sleek industrial lines of New York City – here we fuse recycled metal and stones to create a piece that is uniquely yours - elegant and with an anti-conformist sentiment.” ~ Elke Van Dyke


Elke Van Dyke Design is handcrafted sterling silver, gold and mixed metal jewelry inspired from the symbiotic, beautiful and sometimes devastating relationship between nature and industry. Elegant, modern, and edgy, each design seeks to redefine the purpose of the “statement piece” by offering one-of-a-kind wearable art that tells the story of the organic relationship between nature and man.


Each collection incorporates a fusion of metal-smithing and oxidization techniques of sterling silver, copper and 14K gold and rose gold (solid and fill). Through her travels, Elke has forged personal relationships with small, fair-trade, family-run businesses to source recycled metals and handpick raw stones from their local regions. We encourage the incorporation of synthetic  gemstones  as they are real gemstones with a significantly lower impact on the environment. Additionally, we use recycled metals as often as possible and wholly support the mindfulness of the environment and the legacy we leave behind. Learn more about gemstones in our FAQs HERE.


Elke Van Dyke, a theatre professional, designer and environmentalist, specializes in the creation of handmade jewelry collections for a greater consciousness. Each piece is individually handcrafted in Elke's studio in New York City. In addition to creating limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry, Elke works extensively with clients on custom bespoke projects. Please use our contact page to request your own Elke Van Dyke Design jewelry piece.