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Our Materials & Resources

Elke Van Dyke Design is committed to the highest degree of sustainable, ethical and responsible practice. All sourcing and production is done in accordance with these principles. Elke has forged personal relationships with small, fair-trade, family-run businesses to source metal and handpick stones from their natural regions. Elke Van Dyke Design uses recycled metals as often as possible and wholly supports mindfulness of the environment and the legacy we leave behind.

Personalization & Customization

Create a piece that is uniquely yours with the help of one of our jewelry experts. We offer a range of custom options, from bespoke to one-of-a-kind designs.

Every piece in our collection can be specially made-to-order and modified down to the smallest detail. Personalize one of our signature styles by selecting your preferred metal alloy — color, shape, and size. Our team is on-hand to guide you through our collections and reveal the unique qualities that give these precious materials their distinctive beauty.
Create a one-of-a-kind ceremonial ring or future heirloom with the help of our fine jewelry experts. Our custom approach is tailored to you, and grounded in your unique story. Begin the experience with a private consultation with Elke Van Dyke Design, and learn about our original creative process — from design inspiration and education to metal selection and stone sourcing. We know that this process may be unfamiliar to many of our customers, and are committed to providing the highest levels of service, consideration and care. Custom commissions are by appointment only; please email to make your appointment today.

Each piece of Elke Van Dyke Design jewelry is made by hand, and that does take a little time! Generally it takes up to two weeks to make your jewelry, plus shipping time. However, some pieces take less.

If you have a deadline by which you need to receive your jewelry, there is a deadline box to enter your requested date during checkout. We will make every effort to meet your deadline, and will let you know within 24 hours of your order if we aren't able to meet it, and offer you a full refund. You will receive and email with a tracking number when your jewelry ships, but always feel free to email me with any questions at

Yes! Each piece comes in an attractive recycled aluminum round tin, with tissue paper, ribbon and seal. If you're sending the jewelry as a gift, please leave a note in the box provided while checking out. Let us know if the jewelry needs to arrive by a certain date. And if you'd like to include a gift card, please specify what you'd like the card to say on the checkout page. We'll wrap everything up extra special and pretty for the lucky recipient!

General Inquiries

Here are some answers to some general jewelry questions surrounding materials, size, and care.

To help your jewelry last a long time while looking its best, take it off before you go to bed, and especially when swimming or bathing. Also, prevent jewelry from coming into contact with cleaning or beauty products. This will prevent scratching, wear and tear on delicate chains and gold fill items, and oil and dirt build-up.

Sterling silver will eventually tarnish with normal wear. Gold and Gold fill may also tarnish, but at a much slower rate. To clean, gently wipe with a jewelry polishing cloth, or clean with a soft toothbrush and gentle soap and water. Any jewelry with an oxidized (black) or stone element should not go into chemical jewelry cleaning solution or ultrasonic cleaner.

We know how annoying it can be to lose one of your favorite earrings! To help ease the pain, we offer a discount on a replacement pair. Contact for details.

Elke Van Dyke Design is available in both solid gold and rose gold, but also 14k gold fill. 14k gold fill is an affordable, quality alternative to 14k gold. Unlike gold plate, which has only a few microns thick layer of actual gold, 14k gold fill has a solid layer of 14k gold bonded to the outside of a base metal. The quality and amount of gold in gold fill jewelry is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.

With gentle wear and occasional gentle cleaning, 14K gold fill jewelry will maintain its gold surface for many years. Keep your gold fill jewelry looking its best by taking it off at night, and when showering or swimming.

If you don't know your current ring size, you can use a ruler and a piece of string or thin strip of paper to determine your size. Simply cut a thin strip of paper or string and wrap it around the thickest part of your finger (below the joint and close to your knuckle.) Mark the spot where the paper or string meets and measure the distance with your ruler. Use this CHART GUIDE to determine your ring size. Rings also come in half sizes, the measurements of which, of course, will fall somewhere in between the whole sizes.

Need more help? Watch this informative VIDEO.

Size 4: 1.84 inch / 46.7 mm
Size 5: 1.94 inch / 49.3 mm
Size 6: 2/04 inch / 51.8 mm
Size 7: 2.14 inch / 54.4 mm
Size 8: 2.24 inch / 56.9 mm
Size 9: 2.34 inch / 59.9 mm
Size 10: 2.4 inch / 62.2 mm
Size 11: 2.54 inch / 64.6 mm
Size 12: 2.64 inch / 67.2 mm
Size 13: 2.75 inch / 70 mm
Size 14: 2.87 inch / 73 mm

We can, in special circumstances, offer size adjustments. Please inquire at if you need a size adjustment.

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