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Tsunami Sterling Silver Ring

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Bold and edgy, yet the answer to an elegant double finger ring.


Material: Sterling Silver (.925)

Sizes: Available in 5 - 13

Instructions on how to determine you ring size HERE.

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Our sterling silver Tsunami Ring is handcrafted in NYC. Bold, edgy and the answer to an elegant faux-double ring. Extremely comfortable to wear, this ring is best worn on the middle or ring finger with tip of "wave" pointing towards the pinky finger... therefore staying in place and out of the way while typing, texting or putting your hands in pockets.

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Please note that each piece of Elke Van Dyke Design Jewelry is made by hand, and there will be slight variations in each piece, something to be valued as it creates a work of art that is uniquely yours. Each piece is handcrafted just for you when you order it. Please allow two weeks plus shipping time for your jewelry to arrive. Need it by a certain date? You can add your deadline when you place your order.

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